About Us

Who We Are:

SelfCare Global is an inclusive community that spreads holistic wellness and prosperity around the world. We…


  • Focus on helping to create healthier and happier families, including our animal friends, and a sustainable global future.
  • Began as a small group of healers and healthcare professionals, searching for self-care solutions in a growing toxic world and were blown away by the healing power and therapeutic potential of Young Living.
  • Witness our team share the message of living in wellness, and have watched all kinds of “borders” dissolve — race, creed, age, economic background, gender, and more. True health transcends borders!
  • Are a worldwide community of many different backgrounds (families, pet lovers, teachers, artists, students, and more) from over twenty countries.
  • Unite in our passion to help others find a better, more empowered way of living.
  • Believe in Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, supplements, and oil-infused products, which offer an amazing system for living a life of wellness!

Are You Ready to:green-open

  • Support your body naturally to feel better, younger, happier and more vital?
  • Replace toxin-laden personal care products?
  • Clean your living and work spaces safely and enjoyably without chemicals?
  • Create a safe and comfortable home for your family and pets?
  • Decrease the toxin load on you and your family?
  • Use pure natural products that your Mother Earth would approve?

Want to Join Us?

SelfCare Global welcomes all! We are an incredibly supportive community and happy to assist you in your wellness journey, whether you are looking to learn more about essential oils for you and your family, or if you’d like to take the step towards true abundance by growing your own Young Living business. We’re here to help!

 We Will Support You With:

  • Open and welcoming online and in-person classes, workshops and trainings
  • Dynamic and supportive Facebook groups for wellness and prosperity
  • A belief in the human connection and never being more than a phone call away
  • A strong sense of camaraderie and working across borders!



Whether you learned about us through one of our Team Members, or simply happened to find us — we’re glad you’re here!
We are thrilled to accompany you as you start your journey of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance with Young Living Essential Oils!

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