What Are Essential Oils?

Pure Plant Essences

Have you ever walked through a rose garden and inhaled the sweet aroma of flowers? Picked fresh, fragrant thyme from the garden? Squeezed an orange to release a citrusy mist? If so, then you have experienced a plant’s pure essence, the essential oil! With careful extraction, these plant essences transform into powerful, pure essential oils which you can use to support a healthy lifestyle!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids found within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Poetically, they are called the “life blood” of the plant because they carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the plant system.  These valuable liquids are most commonly obtained from plants through distillation, using steam. They can also be expressed, mechanically or cold-pressed.

Essential oils are uplifting, protective, calming and supportive for our overall wellness… for all family members including the furry and feathered ones.   To someone new to the oils, we cannot even begin to see the broad scope of benefits. But once properly introduced to the essential oils, you will find that they will quickly find their way into your everyday life!

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

There are three wonderful ways to experience essential oils:

  • Inhalation – Put a drop in your hands and inhale deeply!  Or use a Diffuser to enjoy the aromas!
  • Topical – A fabulous way to use oils!  Some oils can be applied to skin neat (or diluted), or diluted with carrier oils
  • Ingestion –  Only Young Living has the Vitality oils – specifically labelled and approved for ingestion!  Oils can placed in capsules, put in a liquid, or mixed with honey!

Due to their small atomic mass, chemical compounds within essential oils are able to penetrate cells within the human body in a matter of seconds. That is why it’s so important to use only the highest quality essential oils…and don’t forget to learn about using essential oils safely!

Versatile and powerful, essential oils have myriad uses. 

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils

A single oil may contain hundreds of constituents that are molecularly aligned by Nature, to support the human body and psyche in a way that only Mother Nature can do!

Some of these constituents are alcohols, aldehydes, akanes, alkenes, coumarins, esters and ethers, ketones, phenols, oxides, and terpenes.

Each of these complex sounding molecules have beautiful health-supporting properties!! For those that love science, we can recommend some great books on the subject! Check out the SelfCare Global bookstore.

There's Only One Choice

There's Only One Choice

Young Living Essential Oils are the highest quality available because of the company’s industry-defying Seed to Seal™ guarantee. From planting seeds to distillation techniques process, Young Living is in complete control. 

Gary Young discovered the incredible power of essential oils decades ago, but the quality of available oils varied greatly. In fact, the chemically altered or adulterated oils on the market were often ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

Gary started Young Living Essential Oils in the 1990s with an organic herb farm and distillation operation. Now Young Living is the de facto source for quality essential oils.

We only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils — in fact, we can’t live without them! Interested in buying your own? We’re here to help!

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