Tools to Change the Worldgolden-sun-change

Change begins with ourselves, in our own daily choices and actions; in our homes and with our families, extending outward into our communities and ultimately into the world. No action is too small or too insignificant to count toward the greater good.

Starting With Ourselves

Emotional Mind Mapping
D. Gary Young developed this special technique to help users reprogram self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that otherwise prevent us from manifesting our dreams! Using a special sequence of Young Living Essential oils, prompts and affirmations, Emotional Mind Mapping will help you reach new heights of positive thinking and living!

Manifesting Abundance
Shift your mindset from one of scarcity into one of unlimited abundance! This booklet explores how to maximize Young Living’s Abundance oil blend with the power of the spoken word. Be amazed with how your confidence, creativity, consciousness and gratitude blossom open with this beautifully-written guide. Download the booklet here.

Becoming Aware of Our Environment

Do you want to add to the earth’s pollution, or contribute to its well being? Do you want to pollute your body with toxic chemicals found in conventional products, or promote your body’s optimum functioning, naturally?

You choose with your dollars, and scents!

We have curated a selection of videos, lectures and clips to provide you with an understanding of our daily environmental exposure. May they serve as an inspiration and call to awakening!

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Start Your Journey to Wellness

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