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Tierney grew up with two parents who practiced medicine, so naturally service is in her blood. Her own path into service began when she started studying and practicing mental health. Tierney realized quickly that self care isn’t a luxury when working as a clinician, and that wellness had to become a cornerstone of her personal practice. That’s when she discovered the beautiful science of yoga, and first and foremost learned the importance of its therapeutic benefits on herself. Shortly thereafter she began studying and practicing Ayurveda, a sister-science to yoga which is a mind-body system of understanding human nature, informing us about how to live in balance and stay healthy, as well as cueing us into a wider context of why disease epidemics are on the rise.These ancient practices lit the spark that Tierney believes has propelled her down the path of alternative healing. She has become very passionate about guiding people towards taking ownership of and creating benevolence with their bodies. Naturally, when she discovered the power of Young Living essential oils, she was immediately blown away by the quality and impact the products had on her own health an wellbeing. Essential oils have complemented her ability to have right relationship with the earth and her own personal body, after years of struggling with chronic health issues herself. She is now certified in the Aroma Freedom Technique, a mind-body technique that allows people to take their wellbeing into their own hands through a step by step process of clearing emotional baggage and resetting the mindset to support healing and growth using Young Living Essential oils. Tierney believes Young Living affords her a platform to use all her training and personal experience to serve people to help them transform from dis-ease and fear to health and courage. By sharing the lifestyle, she hopes to educate and empower families to take back their health, and like she was, feel inspired to move more deeply into a co-creative process with nature, be an advocate and steward of the planet, and prove resiliency for the next generation. Additionally, Tierney hopes to educate and coach allied health professionals how to incorporate the use of essential oils into their practice and lifestyle to support alternative healthcare. Whether it is stress, chronic illness, trauma, or loss, we all face the hardships of this sometimes maddening world! Tierney has found that Young Living essential oils clear and balance the body-mind-spirit and that when we allow the oils into our lives, we become representatives of those searching for a better way. 

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