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Living my Spark, while obtaining Financial Freedom

We ALL want Success

Financial Freedom is now at the heart of the choices I make in my life.  With that in place, I allow myself the ability to live the life I want for myself.  It enables me to sing, dance, practice yoga, homeschool my son, spend winters in Florida, hit the road whenever it moves me, without being tied to a system, someone else’s schedule, or a job that doesn’t fulfill me.  I don’t have what it takes to be an employee, 9-5 would be a slow death for me.  I knew that from the minute I came out of my mother’s womb, I had to put my stamp on the world.  Everything I do has to come from my own unique expression or I don’t feel fulfilled.  Thankfully my mom had the awareness to send me on the path of my dreams so I could fulfill them.  After sending me to the Highschool of Performing Arts, I landed with two feet on the NYC pavement and took off on a Broadway career.  That set the tone for success in my life, so whenever the ball was passed to me, and I liked what I saw,  I would start running!

That’s how I got involved with Young Living.  First, I fell in love with the oils and products, then everyone wanted what I had.  So I got smart and decided to take advantage of Young Living’s “Thank You Check” because let’s face it, teaching Dance & Yoga the rest of my life was NOT going to retire my husband and I.  So I jumped! …and landed into a whole new world of possibilities.  Oddly enough, I found myself in the middle of a Network Marketing system which has “duplication” as it’s main focus!!   Duplication is a scary word for me, like, “I’m outta here” kinda word.  But because of the uniqueness of Young Living, it was a no-brainer to stand behind a company and founder who had “pioneer” as it’s middle name.  It takes a strong leader with powerful ethics to get my attention and entice me to follow.  That, and products that made so much shift happen in my life that there was no turning back.  My first introduction to Young Living over 10yrs ago had me feeling changes in all aspects of my life from physical, to emotional, spiritual, energetic, and now financial.  I am forever grateful and blessed to be offered these life-changing opportunities, and you can be sure I’m runnin’ with this one.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur today, I now dedicate my time to offering others this same opportunity and helping them find their own unique Spark.  When you decide to partner with me and my tribe, together, we uncover the inner spark that is unique to you and set forth on a path of your highest potential.

Magic happens…movement and flow arise in our lives (and businesses) when we can marry our self expressed blue print, while implementing simple duplicatable steps.  From there we attract people into our lives who want the same and continue to  fire up our lives and the lives of others.  This is at the heart of my Young Living Business and what I teach my tribe of Young Living Luminaries.

The one thing I wish I had done differently?  Not waited.



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Friend & Partner in Building a Business for Financial Freedom, Founder AromaFlow Yoga & Fitness, Empowered Parent, Broadway Performer, Founder & Producer of The Yuletide Carolers
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Using essential oils since March 15, 2004
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