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From Wall Street to the Garden

Like many of us, I wear a multitude of hats: woman, mom, entrepreneur, wife, student, teacher, poet, chef, crafter, animal lover, you name it. I’ve been on Wall Street and off-off Broadway, in the boardroom and in the garden, my house is a menagerie and I raise chickens. We are all complex, aren’t we? I am sure you have your own list!

Life is wonderful and I’ve learned the gift of making lemonade when I’m tossed some lemons, or at least I try. Yet one thing in this world bothers me a lot and that is the amount of chemicals and preservatives in everything from food to hand lotion to toothpaste to laundry soap! These chemicals damage our bodies and I just don’t understand why they are allowed to be sold. Simply putting “Green” and “Natural” on something doesn’t always make it true. Sadly, there are some unscrupulous folks out there just looking to make a profit. And here is where Young Living comes in.

I began using Young Living essential oils in 2003 when my children were 7, 11 and 16 years old. My friends, Orest and Sue Pelechaty, recommended them to me and I was so impressed that Young Living became a significant part of our wellness support. When my son left for college I packed a kit of essential oils with the rest of his stuff. When the girls left for school they got their own kit as well. Today, my son is a wonderful man with his own home and a cabinet full of essential oils and a wish list he freely shares with me! My daughters share their YL experiences with friends and other animal lovers. As a mother, it’s quite comforting when your children pick up the Good Habits, isn’t it?

So the years have passed, my youngest is in college, I’ve left the finance world and am concentrating on sharing what I’ve learned about healthier lifestyles. In addition to offering presentations on the chemicals present in your household, I facilitate meditation programs for individuals and institutions. Young Living has continued to grow as well and we see new products each year to provide chemical free alternatives and I’ve personally seen the results on many levels. Life is good….

If any of this sounds interesting and relevant to you and yours, I’m happy to chat and look forward to sharing what I know.

May your life be filled with love and light.        …..Sherrill

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