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New York, NY
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This Millennial loves many-an-oil!

Millennial = Good ~~~~~~~~~  Millenni-oil = Better!

Mysticism and athleticism guided Patty down a path of exercise science, literature, theatre, and the greatest oils to ever bless the face of God’s Green Earth!

Young Living Essential Oils are the finest example of the profound intelligence and powerful medicine coursing through our plant-friends!  Just a few of the many Young Living’s offerings that have a permanent place in my life:  The Thieves blend keeps me healthy and vibrant, Peppermint oil sharpens my mind and widens my eyes, Palo Santo grounds me for meditation, and the Ningxia drink restores me whether I’m doing yoga, bouncing between business calls, or teaching back-to-back classes on Qigong (“chee-gong”).

The benefits I’ve received from Young Living products are as vast as the ocean; I could go on for paragraphs! Young Living Essential Oil products are a fixture in my life as a body worker who strives to deepen each person’s physical strength & flexibility, mental balance, and spiritual development.

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