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A teacher determined to stay healthy.

When trying to pinpoint just exactly what my “selling point” is for why to begin your journey with essential oils, I have difficulty narrowing it down…

The question is more like: what issues HAVEN’T I tried to support with essential oils? I can’t think of many.

Things I use essential oils for …

  • A clean, safe space to live and work in
  • To support my puppy
  • To support a healthy immune, skeletal, muscular, digestive, and cardiovascular system with dietary supplements
  • Winding down after a long day
  • And so much more!

Essential oils have changed my life for the better; it’s never too late or too early to learn.



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Ok seriously .... I can breathe ! I am not nearly as congested as I have been when I wake up! Amazing.

Ariana A.

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