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Who knew what my schooling was really training me for?!

When I was 17 and had to decide what to be when I grew up, who could have imagined that I would be on such a winding journey, and still trying to “decide” all these years later?!    Being a pharmacist sounded like a great idea because I loved science, knowing the hows and whys of things all came easy and I loved learning about the physical world around me.  I also loovvveeedddd  helping people.  It seemed like a perfect match.  Just one year out of school, I married the man of my dreams and sooner than later embarked on the wild world of motherhood, again, and again to the tune of six children later.  I was in and out of that white coat many times over my 15 years working as a retail pharmacist, you know the one who you ask all the questions that you were nervous to ask the doctor!  My job gave me great joy as a source of service to my community, and being a mom made me a better counselor, especially where children were concerned.  I now knew the inside tricks on dealing with a teething baby and how to “get them” to take the yucky pink medicine for an ear infection.  However, being raised myself by a nurse turned mother of many, I had learned some pretty awesome holistic ways of dealing with wellness before turning to pharmaceuticals and that was my core belief.  I talked many a parent out of that OTC bottle that would seemingly let them get some rest, and into a saline spray or cold compress when feasible.  My own family cabinet held not much more than an NSAID for severe pain or high fever and antihistamine for a potentially serious allergic reaction.  I always “prescribed” to the theory that the less you need RX’s the better, also knowing that when it’s necessary, it’s necessary.

So here I find myself no longer in a white coat, but still sharing and educating moms, dads, and anyone who connects with my service spirit that there is another way.  Nature has provided us with such amazing tools to aid our own fantastic bodies in righting its course.  To build up our systems from the cell up. As a Celiac and mom of children with serious allergies I will always promote self care, supplements, healthful eating of natural pure foods, exercise and mental healthcare. Essential Oils and Young Living lifestyle products have changed the way my family lives and feels and I can’t keep that a secret!  The real joy, just like before is in the knowing and sharing of information for the betterment of all.

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