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HI! I’m Leah Crescenzo, an Integrative Nutrition Coach, specializing in Aroma Freedom Technique, Holistic Hypnosis, and Guided Meditation.

All things happen for a reason – always in your best and highest good.

Synchronistically, in 2014, I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils when a perfect stranger contacted me for marketing help on an essential oils flyer. At the same time my then 5 year old daughter wasn’t feeling well with the coxsackie virus. I asked this Young Living Distributor for support and before I even knew it I had a kit and was diffusing oils everyday to help support my family’s health.

I had been using Young Living Essential Oils for 3 years when I discovered their power over negative emotions. Little did I know these tiny drops of oil could support emotional health. As a health coach, holistic hypnotist, restorative yoga and meditation teacher and I was deeply drawn to learn more .


Through my own journey, I’ve faced my fears repeatedly. I’ve learned to not only challenge my body, but also reshape my mind through the practice of meditation, hypnosis and the use of top quality essential oils.

Meditation, yoga, hypnosis and essential oils have helped me overcome a difficult divorce, raise a beautiful little girl, make a big move, and ultimately find freedom and independence. My mission is to help others tap into their inner wisdom so you can find your own personal version of freedom.

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Taking a yoga class with Leah has been life altering. Who knew how truly transforming a class could be? Leah is a natural teacher who provides a tranquil space that allows all students to be present and focused. She facilitates her class with warmth and professionalism. Leah creates a collective community and then makes time to confer with each student individually. She has the ability to scaffold her class so every yoga practitioner can enter at the level that represents their own need. Her instruction is thoughtful. Leah demonstrates a technique, explains the significance, and then connects the technique to address our own ability to undo the oppressive way our body reacts to the physical and emotional pressures of our lives. Once you leave the studio, Leah’s instruction stays with you as you find yourself incorporating a technique into your daily life.

-Marc Todd

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been “remembering to breathe, recognizing physical signs of stress in my body sooner and then meditating”

“I am much more relaxed and find it much easier to focus. Really wonderful experience - I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel more relaxed and focused.”

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