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To Live With Purpose and Service to Others

Life has been a wonderful journey of many ups and downs full of amazing teachings.

There are too many wonderful stories to tell, so I will share my beginning with Young Living, as my dogs are such an integral part of our family. This will be in honor of Stormy. My beginning started in 2011.

I have always been passionate about health and fascinated with plants, herbs, nature and animals. I am so overjoyed Young Living literally fell in my lap. I was seeking help for my ailing dog, my best friend, Stormy. A friend mentioned Young Living essential oils so I eagerly signed up and bought many oils, wondering if the stories were true about them. When they arrived, Stormy’s positive response made a huge impression on the entire household. Within minutes he was relaxed and comfortable the other three dogs took the cue and laid down, all with big “sighs” of comfort. The entire house changed energy in astounding ways, it was something to behold.

Sometimes when I think back to that moment I wonder how long I stood in that one spot, bottles in hand, just staring at the 2 kids and 4 dogs all relaxed….wow. It was then I realized (again in my life journey’s) the power of quality and authentic truths. I was really onto something here and I will be forever blessed with friends who are willing to share. My belief system is to inspire and help others to wellness and abundance, and for us all to keep paying it forward. I want to share the blessings in these bottles with everyone.

Gary Young has done something quite extraordinary for the world — thank you Gary Young for your passion. Please join me in this wonderful world of essential oils with Young Living and help us inspire every family to wellness and abundance. Live in gratitude, share with love and an open heart.

Stormy, my teacher dog whom I love and dearly miss.

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I am thrilled to have you join with me on this journey. Together we can make things happen.

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