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I smell life in a new way! Literally!

My beloved little dog named Mischief is the reason mine and my dogs life is forever changed.  Life works in ways we don’t expect.  Know that everything is happening in perfect timing.

Smelling life in a new way for my dogs and myself means that we no longer breath in toxic cleaning chemicals, sprays, dryer sheets, personal care products, the list goes on.  We have replaced all toxins with Young Living Essential Oils and essential oil infused goodness, creating a toxic free home (inside and out).  Now instead of smelling/breathing in harmful toxins, we breath in cell cleansing essential oils.

Not all essential oils are created equal.  The bottle you see at your health food store or online may say 100% pure. However, our labeling laws are very deceiving.  Don’t take my word for it, do your own research so you can make an informed decision.  I only use Young Living Essential Oils on me and my family and I stand firm on this.  Check out https://selfcareglobal.com/young-living-seed-to-seal/ as to why I firmly believe.

I’m excited for you because I know with all my heart, when you choose this lifestyle for you and your family, you can create the life you want (which is what happened to me).  You’re worth it.

Be intentional. Be playful. Be curious and open.  Be happy and well.


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