The Secret Language of Network Marketing: Personality Types

Updated: Sunday, September 5, 2015
Periscope with Rachel Staigar, Young Living Executive

1. What motivates YOU to share with others? The power of your “why” has everything to do with how many lives you are able to touch!

2. The basics for getting started: Why are these important?
* Maintain 100 pv on Essential Rewards each month
* Educate yourself by purchasing and using the full range of the YL product catalog. This will enable to have experiences you can share with others.
* Have the Everyday Oils kit and carry product samples with you at all times.
* Reference Guide for Essential Oils iPhone App
* Know your YL ID # and have Young Living customer service on speed dial.
* If you want to share with more than just a few people, invest in Marketing Scents.
* Meet 2 new friends a day! Enter them into Marketing Scents
* Utilize Social Media!!!
* Regularly show up to meetings and bring your team and new people.
* Listen to everyone’s stories and remember them so that you can share these with others!
* Share with people about the oils everywhere and anywhere you go!
* The people who go to meetings & fill up the most chairs – make the most money!

3. Recommendations for how to share Young Living:
* Build relationships with others by asking questions and having a genuine interest in them and what is of interest to them.
* FORM: Ask questions about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money
* Listen carefully!
* When you hear an opening to offer a solution, ask permission. “Would it be okay f I could show you something that could help?”
* Share your stories and the stories of others, as you would tell someone about a good movie or restaurant. Don’t sell!!!! NO FIREHOSING!!!!
* Watch carefully for the reactions and responses of others. Watch body language and listen to their responses, to see if they are interested in learning more. If not, change the subject!
* Ask permission to give/send more information. For instance, ask questions such as “would it be okay if I sent you…(a video, article, sample, etc)?”
* Use the word “you” as much as possible and limit the word “I”.
* ALWAYS give people a choice!

o Just remember 3 things: 1. Listen 2. Be AUTHENTIC 3. Connect
o Stories Connect People – keep it relatable & simple!
o It’s not about selling starter kits, it’s about offering people an opportunity for greater health or greater wealth. We are obligated to share it but should not feel attached to what people do with it.

Personality Types:

Hippocrates created the idea around 400 BC and many psychologists and speakers have taught about his work
I summarized Big Al’s The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network Marketing

This will help you:
Quickly identify which personality types your prospects are
Know the exact words to say to those prospects in their secret language so your message is received more easily and with more rapport.
He says: don’t take anything personally and know that he uses a LOT of exaggeration!


The yellow personalities will do more for other people than they will for themselves. They are nurses, schoolteachers, massage therapists, volunteers, caregivers … the nurturers. They give from the heart. They don’t have time for themselves, because they give to everybody.

How To Sponsor A Yellow
To color your way to the top, you need to learn to be a chameleon. Yellows don’t want to be sold. They don’t like pushy, aggressive salespeople. When you talk with a Yellow, become a Yellow. Slow the pace. Contain your excitement. Lower the volume. Yellows see excitement as hype, you trying to sell them. They are not interested in the compensation plan, the overseas trips for top leaders, or the scientific reports on products. They are more interested in how YL can help other people. Instead, visit with them. Skip the business. Talk about their family, their kids, their vacation.

Keywords: help, contribute, assist, feel, nurture, comfort, care, share

Example: I want to ask you for a favor. We have an opportunity meeting tomorrow night. Would you please come? We need your HELP! We market skin-care products that HELP women look younger, feel better, and lead happier lives. And we have nutritional products that HELP young mothers have more energy so they can balance their families. We also give young mothers a chance to work at home so they can be with their children, stop warehousing their babies in daycare, paying strangers to watch their children grow up. Just think of all the commuting pollution we could reduce by helping people work from home?”


Blues love to party, have fun, love adventure, trying new things, to travel, love meeting new people! Blues were made for network marketing because they have never met a stranger! You’ll know when you met a blue because they are ALWAYS TALKING! They make GREAT leaders – they are action people.

How To Sponsor A Blue
With a Blue, talk excited, get excited. Talk about going scuba diving, sky diving, having fun, fun, fun. That’s what they want. They will LOVE if you tell them how FUN meetings will be. Emphasize how FUN convention will be! Talk about the parties, dancing, drinks, etc. They’ll talk about vacations & family, but most of all they want to talk about fun things to do. Example: “My job isn’t FUN anymore. It’s boring and I’m looking for something where I can go out and meet NEW INTERESTING people and not be stuck behind a desk”

Keywords: Fun, excellent, awesome, interesting, travel, new, exciting

Example: how to invite to a meeting: “We have a meeting tomorrow night. It’s going to be so exciting & fun. You will have a change to meet lots of new people and get to talk to them before, during & for hours after the meeting. Our company has lots of free trips, parties, and concerts! You have to come – I need a roommate for our company convention!”


Greens are Engineers, Accountants, Techies & Scientists. They’re the analytical people. The word “data” actually gets greens excited.

How To Sponsor A Green
Greens believe they’re the smartest people on the planet. With a Green … in 2-3 minutes, you’ll know you have a Green. They want ALL the details. You are NOT going to sell them. They have to sell themselves. They’ll go to the web site, they’ll listen to the conference call.. If you have ten links on your website, they’ll go to every one. They’ll read all the testimonials, all the articles, etc. Enunciate all your words correctly for a Green. Don’t speak too fast. Don’t speak too slow. Be upfront. Give them all the information. Answer all their questions. Let Greens analyze the information at THEIR pace. In a week or 2 or 3, they’ll call back for more information or ready to start. They’ve sold themselves; decided this is the perfect business.

You know you are talking to a green prospect when you finish your 3 hour presentation and the green prospect says, “Thank you for your preliminary information. I will now go on the internet and research 44 different websites, set up and excel spreadsheet and database, make them relational, interactive, and get back to you in about 3.7 weeks.”

Keywords: information, data, opinion, preliminary, research

Example: How to invite a green personality to an opportunity meeting: This is an exaggerated example… “would you please come to the meeting tomorrow night? I need your opinion. We are going to sit way in the back of the room, where nobody will bother us, nobody will ask to join us, and bring a huge notebook, bc there will be lots of information. Hopefully, by the end of the meeting, we will have enough information to begin our preliminary research.”


They want to be in charge, they want to be the boss, tell other people what to do, they want results…THEY ARE ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!! They are great organizers and hate ppl with whiney excuses. They are money-motivated, money-focused. Don’t bother talking to them about your family or your vacation. They don’t care.

How To Sponsor A Red
They want to talk about the money, the money, the money. They LOVE competition and recognition. They’re just looking for producers, somebody who will build, build, build. Reds are the corporate CEOs, the “get-the-job-done” people, the ones everyone in network marketing is looking for. Reds are well-connected. You want to sponsor Reds because they’ll put you in contact with powerful people. They know business owners, governors, leaders, etc. But don’t think you’re going to coach them or mentor them or tell them what to do, because it’s NOT going to happen. Let them do it themselves.

Keywords: Money, Power, Wealth, Compete, Losers, Whiners, Results, Control, Boss, Leader, Image

But network marketing is NOT a sales business. It’s a teaching and mentoring business.

Example: “We have an opportunity meeting tomorrow night. Be there. We are talking money. Lots of money. Not little money from having a job, but big money from having your own business. Here is your chance to fire your boss, be your own boss, and have your own organization. “

To sum it up: Yellows are all about helping people, blues are all about having fun, reds are all about money and greens are only interested in information!

What’s the point? Well, as you meet and LISTEN to people, get in the habit of spotting the different colors in their personalities. Use the clues we talked about. Use the “colors” technique every day. Make it second nature. I guarantee you’ll be very glad you did.

So…what color personality are you?
I love it when people are so easy to recognize, you don’t need a huge personality test or questionnaire because you just KNOW right away. But what about you? What color personality do you think you are? Some people are a mixture of a few or all colors!

If you are unsure of your personality color, here are some reasons that it may not be clear to you:

Reason #1: You are a yellow personality and are thinking, “oh, I wish somebody could come and tell me what color I am!”

Reason #2: You are a blue personality and you’ve tuned me out and weren’t really paying attention.

Reason #3: You are a green personality and you are thinking: “I need a lot more information before I make my final decision.”

Many people do not know their color personality because they confuse their personal color with their job color! It is your personal color that is important! Jobs can come and go, but you will remain the same color personality!

Learn more about the Personality Types: