From Humble Beginnings, to a Global Community

The Birth of SelfCare Global – Sue’s Story

Sue Pelechaty, Founder of SelfCare Global
Sue Pelechaty, Co-Founder

When I was 28 years old, on disability from my chemical engineering career, I spent a year in bed sleeping 18 – 20 hours a day, suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I was a “universal reactor” — allergic to everything! During one of my more lucid moments, I prayed asking for help, promising my Creator that I would help everyone who crossed my path.

After that moment, I received an endless supply of support through holistic healthcare providers, books, nutritional guidance and so much more! During my healing journey, I started reaching out to others and began a support group teaching what I learned about detoxing my life of chemicals, eating organic foods, aligning my body through chiropractic and yoga, and embracing a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

I learned that in Chinese Medicine CRISIS is the same word for OPPORTUNITY!

So I embraced the concept that my chemical engineering career no longer coincided with my life’s purpose. I began post-graduate, pre-med studies to join the world of chiropractic. While in school, I facilitated support groups, worked in a health food store, and fully embraced the holistic lifestyle.

As fate would have it, I was introduced to a fascinating acupuncturist and herbalist who was opening a wellness clinic in 1988. My friend suggested that I interview with him to obtain a position as a Self-Care Educator. Well, I got the position. He is now my husband! Orest Pelechaty, L. Ac., OMD and I have worked side by side serving thousands of patients through an integrated holistic medicine model. We ran New Jersey’s oldest and largest clinic for 15 years, employing 25 people at one time, offering chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, body work, and counseling. While we loved what we were doing, we found that it was time for a change. We sold our clinic. Orest went into private practice and I was out of a job!

yl bottlesAt that time, my friend Gailann Greene introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils as a career opportunity. I was intrigued at the possibility of continuing my commitment of serving others and offering them a life of holistic wellness, purpose, and abundance. Before proceeding, Orest needed to fully vet out Young Living and flew to Utah with Jeffrey Lewis, Gailann’s partner.

Together, they visited the farms, laboratories, clinic, research team, and attended a training with Gary Young, founder of Young Living! After two days of profound learning about the emotional impact of oils on our body, mind, spirit, Orest came home to utter these words:

“Regardless of the money, this is something that we must do. Gary Young and Young Living have created a self-care system that everyone on the planet needs to know about!”


And that is how SelfCare Global was born!   

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