In Memory of Gary Young

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on August 10, 2018

In Memory of Gary Young: Planting a Wolfberry Tree at Old King Farm

We feel so honored to share this video with you.  At our farm in Benson, VT, we hold an annual Spring Fling.  We gather the community to honor and bless the land with bio-dynamic preparations every Memorial Day weekend.

This year was incredibly special to us as we planted trees in memory of Gary Young.  Gary inspired Orest  Pelechaty to revisit his farming roots.  During the planting we filmed Young Living members as they shared from their hearts what Gary Young and the Young Living community means to them.

The Wolfberry trees that were planted have an interesting story!  Watch to hear the story and come up to Old King Farm some time and check them out!  You can also enjoy a pleasant retreat at the property.

Enjoy!  Please share your memories and thoughts in the comments.

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