Welcome to Your New Lifestyle

Welcome to Your New Lifestyle

With hundreds of oils and oil-infused products to choose from, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start! The single first step is to choose how you’d like to start your journey with Young Living Essential Oils: as a Retail Customer or Wholesale Member.

As a Retail Customer, there is no membership enrollment — you simply pay the full retail price of all products. Easy peasy, but you do miss out on some members-only perks like amazing monthly promotions and the Essential Rewards program!

As a Wholesale Member, you have have full access to wholesale pricing on all products (24% off retail), can enroll in Essential Rewards, and are eligible for monthly promotions, (such as special, limited-time discounts on select products, or getting full-sized freebies with your qualifying purchase!)


How do I enroll as a Wholesale Member?

Young Living Essential Oils has a beautifully laid out membership option that begins with your purchase of a starter kit. In order to give you everything you need to get started on your wellness journey, Young Living offers several Premium Starter Kits to choose from. Each kit includes top products, oil samples, literature and a few other goodies.

Once you purchase your kit, you are officially enrolled as Young Living member! No monthly ordering requirements and no membership fees. To stay a member, all you need to do is order about $50 (or 50PV) worth of products per year — trust us, that’s very easy to do.




What do I do next?

To enroll as a Wholesale Member or if you have any questions, please refer to the SelfCare Global Team Leader that referred you to Young Living Essential Oils. You can always Find a Helper Near You — a dedicated SelfCare Global Team Member that you can search for by name, location, or even special interests and expertise!

No thanks, I’m not interested in Wholesale Membership and I’d like to join as a Retail Customer.

Why Does Young Living Need my SSN?

When you sign up for a wholesale account, Young Living will ask for your Social Security Number. Why? Because wholesale members are eligible for a huge perk: they can share oils and earn bonuses and commissions when friends purchase a starter kit. If you’d rather not provide your Social Security Number, sign up with a retail membership and just pay full price.

Here’s the truth, and there is really no getting around it: If you use pure essential oils from Young Living, you’re gonna love them. And just like you tell a friend about the latest movie you watched at the theater, you’re going to end up talking about these little bottles of Nature’s goodness! That’s Young Living’s marketing structure, and it’s why they’re required to gather your SSN. Again, you don’t have to build a business, but you’ll share with at least your favorite people!


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