Creating Financial Well-being

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on November 6, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I had no clue how my husband and I were going to save enough for retirement, let alone keep our family’s income in line with inflation.

That was before we discovered the power of networking and the Young Living business opportunity. My husband and I fully vetted the products and company  before we shared even one drop of oil! You can read our story “humble beginnings”  here.

Once we started, we discovered how addicting it is to help others feel better and enjoy a better lifestyle! Over the years, we shared the oils consistently with friends and “new-found friends.” Those friends have shared with their friends and we have organically created an asset of thousands of members around the globe. Young Living sends us a small percentage of those purchases in an incredible “thank you check” each month!

This has taken care of my worry of living on Social Security and creating a monthly check we never dreamed possible.  My wish is for you to embark on this journey. Take a few minutes to explore the many benefits of adding a second paycheck to your family’s budget. 

Here is the income potential with this incredible and purpose-driven business. It is a wonderful addiction to help others!

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