Attn Guys and Gals! Men’s Camp with Gary Young & The ELEVATE Conference

This is an awesome event for both MEN and WOMEN!

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Join us as attendees of the Elevate conference and Gary Young’s Iron Will Men’s camp share what they learned and their experiences.

Elevate Conference: Brought together some of the most successful and knowledgeable leaders in Young Living to Engage, Empower & Excite eager Young Living members! Join Susan & Nancy as they share their exciting take-aways & experiences from this fantastic event!

Susan Santoro Martz is a JerseeG’oil born and raised, a Young Living platinum, certified yoga instructor, former broadway Performer, and mom. Susan followed her desire to manifest the life she wanted through dance, voice, and yoga, bypassing the confines of a traditional lifestyle. She supports a growing team of Luminaries both on and off the mat while teaching AromaFlow Yoga workshops, classes, and teacher trainings throughout the country. Her desire to help other yogis find balance in their lives is at the heart of her work and passion. ** Susan will also be sharing information from her newly authored book “AromaFlow Yoga – A Class Guide Introducing Essential Oils to Your Practice and Students”

Rev. Nancy Orlen Weber, R.N., is a psychic, medium, medical intuitive, animal communicator, healer, minister, ex-police officer, President and co-founder of the Holistic Alliance International, a nonprofit educational organization, www.holisticalliance.org. She is a licensed and ordained Minister of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church and Pastor of the Lightwing Center of the Church, www.lightwing.org and Lightwing LSO Web Site. Nancy believes the greatest accomplishment she strives for is friendship with all sentient life.

IronWill Mens Camp: The Chance of a Lifetime! Spending time with Gary Young at his SkyRider Wilderness Ranch! The sole purpose of this camp was to take good men and fine-tune them to be YOUNG LIVING WARRIORS! Join Jeremiah Delson Jon Delson and Tama Jackson as they share their incredible experiences and some priceless gems of knowledge from the Young Living founder & maverick!

Jeremiah Delson After almost three years of searching for something that fueled his passion for entrepreneurship, uplifting the lives of others, and living a holistic lifestyle, he came across Young Living. Jeremiah fell in love with the oils after having a profound experience during a life changing event in June 2013 and has been passionately building his Young Living team ever since.

Jon Delson
Tama Jackson was very fortunate to grow up using Young Living products in his home, but it wasn’t until a back injury as a Permaculture Designer in his early twenties that became curious about how YL’s business opportunity might help him, and others, to make a bigger positive impact on the planet, and in things that matter. It became crystal clear that Network Marketing with Young Living would make that important difference, shift the tipping point, and turn this ship around.

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