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Cleanse Your Digestive Systemlarge old paper or parchment background texture

Cleansing your body and supporting digestive function is a critical first step in getting healthier! Why? Because even if you increase nutritional supplements, if your digestive tract can’t absorb them, you might as well not even taken them.


plantWhat Can You Do?

    • Drink more water! Spring water (or filtered) is best
    • Consume organic vegetables, especially leafy greens
    • Eliminate fake (processed) foods from your diet
    • Cut out “white” stuff (flour, sugar, commercial salt)
    • Become aware of how different foods affect you

Support Your system

With products designed by D. Gary Young to gently and easily cleanse the delicate tissues of your digestive tract, support your immunity, and much more!

To Learn More….book

Rediscovering Nature’s Essentials: A Simplifed Essential Oils Desk Reference by Dr. Amanda L. Lukes is an excellent resource for understanding how to cleanse each body system, along with 90-Day System Challenge — all based on Young Living products! This must-have book is available through KRE Publishing.

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