Chemical Free Home Care

Chemical Free Home Care

The Power of Thieves: Chemical-Free Living

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Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients in your toothpaste? Your hand soap? Pick up any cleaning product — chances are it has a poison warning on the back label.

We are bombarded with synthetic chemicals in our everyday products. Despite the dangers of these toxins being well-documented, they are permitted for use in many personal care and household products, even baby shampoo!

What’s hiding in your products? It’s time for something better. The Power is in Your Hands

The first step is knowing how to read labels and understand the toxins lurking in everyday products. The next step is to replace them with safe, effective alternatives.

An incredibly versatile blend, Thieves Essential Oil can be found in a range of Young Living’s home and personal care products, from cough drops to dish soap!

Safe, effective, immune-boosting and supports wellness, let Thieves serve all your household needs!

Ready to Experience Thieves?

Try the Thieves Premium Starter Kit! It contains everything you need to get you started on your green living journey — safe, effective products made with therapeutic-grade essential oils!

In the meantime, be sure to check out 25 Ways to Use Thieves!
We also love Young Living’s Thieves Booklet!



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