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Would you like to get paid for sharing something you’re passionate about?

When we find a restaurant we love, we tell our friends who then end up telling their friends. The only problem is that the restaurant doesn’t send us “Thank You” checks for our efforts!

SelfCare Global Team Members do however enjoy the benefits of network marketing with each and every word-of-mouth referral. We receive “Thank You” checks from Young Living  that help support our families!

Imagine a business where we support each other by sharing high quality products that protect us, future generations and the environment! Enter Young Living Essential Oils!

Why Young Living? Why Now?

Why Young Living? Why Now?

The popularity of essential oils is high and growing daily! We are seeing them not just in health food stores but in the “mainstream” such as Walmart, Amazon, and more. Unfortunately, almost all of these oils are unhealthy and toxin-laden!

Essential oil purity is a must.  That is why teaming up with the world leader in Essential Oils is so powerful. People experience Young Living’s quality and they are hooked. Young Living maintains the highest standards in producing essential oils, and all of their products — their transparency is legendary!

The video below is an awesome intro to Young Living opportunity.

So, How much can I earn?

So, How much can I earn?

We earn a wide range of incomes. Take a look at the latest Income Disclosure Statement from Young Living to realize your earning potential!

Most of us simply share the Young Living lifestyle when it feels right, and we receive “thank you” checks that cover our own monthly orders, or even a few extra hundred dollars per month.

Our leaders have become more intentional in their sharing efforts, and have grown their incomes to help with their children’s education, vacations, home mortgages, and beyond!  

How is this different from a job, or a traditional business?

How is this different from a job, or a traditional business?

  • Experience true flexibility — manage your business on your terms
  • Gain the opportunity for long-term, generous residual income!
  • Meaningful friendships and travel adventures!
  • Experience of being in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves
  • Your business is a transferable and willable asset that protects and supports your family members or charity
Who is SelfCare Global?

Who is SelfCare Global?

We started out as a small group of health enthusiasts and healers in 2002. We traveled the globe to receive incredible, personalized training directly from D. Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living Essential Oils. About 30 of us even went on to become Certified Clinical Aromatherapists!

Our team has since grown to over 8,000 members worldwide from all walks of life. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy essential oils, share them or to achieve financial success — we are here to help you every step of the way.

Join us in our mission of a better world with essential oils! 

What are the Team Perks?

What are the Team Perks?

  • Get your very own business-building website
  • Exclusive access to Selfcare Global Academy
  • Members-Only Resources
  • In-person & On-line trainings and events
  • Exclusive Facebook Groups 
  • Gorgeous business cards
What's Next?

What's Next?

Dip your toe in the water by simply becoming a Wholesale Member. Membership gives you the chance to get acquainted with Young Living at your own pace, while enjoying discounted wholesale prices and no selling requirements. When you are ready to start sharing, reach out to your Sponsor and swim your way to success!

Or dive right in with our team! Many of our leaders say that building their Young Living business is one of the best decisions of their lives. We are here to help you build your dream.

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