Our Vision

SelfCare Global is an inclusive community that spreads holistic wellness and prosperity around the world, helping to globe-hands2create healthier and happier families, including our animals!

We have witnessed our team share the message of healing and have watched all kinds of “borders” dissolve — race, creed, age, economic background, sexual orientation, and more!

Our Vehicle

gary-ylang-sniff2We use the power of the plant kingdom to keep us well! We are grateful for D. Gary Young, Founder of Young Living Essential Oils, who has captured nature’s power through his work with essential oils and oil-infused nutritional and personal care products. He has created exquisite and powerful self-care regimens that we use daily!


Our Values

Our Leaders

SelfCare Global’s “Upline” Leaders are awesome folks whose lives had been deeply touched by Young Living over 20 years ago and began paying it forward with love in return. This gives our team an amazing wealth of knowledge available for the asking!