20 Essential Oil Tips

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on March 7, 2017

Inhale. Apply. Ingest. Soak. There are all kinds of ways to fall in love with Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils and oil-infused products! Need a little encouragement to open the box and break out your oils? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1  Need a lift on a rainy day? Try diffusing a little “sunshine”! Add 6-10 drops of Citrus Fresh to your diffuser and just breathe. Almost as nice as a day on the beach! Well, almost.

2 Have you TASTED Ningxia Red yet?! We’re pretty sure it’ll become your new addiction once you do. One-two ounces of NingXia Read a day boosts your immune system and oils the wheels of wellness! Try adding a drop or two of Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, or Tangerine essential oils into your glass for a fun twist!

3 Want to feel like royalty? Try starting the day with a drop of Frankincense on the crown of your forehead. Frankincense was so valued in ancient Middle Eastern cultures that it was one of three gifts given to the Christ-child. (Two out of three were essential oils. Cool, right?!)

4 Looking for a little R&R? One of our favorite ways to enjoy the oily goodness of essential oils is in a relaxing bath. Try this for starters: ½ cup Epsom salts, ½ cup baking soda, 8-10 drops of the oil or oils of your choice. Combine well. One of our favorite combos is Purification and Lavender.

5 To make a guest feel extra special or help a child ease into sweet dreams, put a drop of Lavender on your hands, rub gently together, then slide your hands over their pillow. Add a drop of Cedarwood or Stress Away with the Lavender if you like.

6 Did you know? One study found that the absorption rate of Young Living’s MultiGreens doubled once essential oils were added to the supplement? Try your own “therapeutic trial” by swapping out a supplement you’ve been using with one from Young Living. See for yourself and let us know what you think!

7 Essential oils are awesome in the kitchen! Try adding a drop or two of Lime or Lemon the next time you whip up some guacamole. The Young Living Vitaliy™ line is the ticket for essential oils in the kitchen.

8 Clean up, the easy way by adding one capful of Thieves Home Cleaner to two cups of water. Pour into a spray bottle. Shake, spray and wipe your way into safe, non-toxic cleaning.

9 Feeling queasy? Tummy Troubles? Add one drop of DiGize Essential Oil to a glass of water to support digestive health. Don’t forget to take DiGize with you when you’re traveling.

10 Need a little help unwinding after a day in front of the computer? (Or the kitchen stove?!) Try a squirt or two of Young Living’s Ortho Ease massage gel along with a couple drops of PanAway. Rub gently over the sore spots or, better yet, find someone to massage it in for you!

11 Stinky odors don’t stand a chance against Purification. Add 4-6 drops into your diffuser to dispel any cooking odors. Add a few drops onto cotton balls and place into a pair of stinky shoes (we won’t tell anyone!)

12 Got kids? Lemon Essential Oil will be your new best friend. Other than its amazing, bright scent, just a drop or two can easily remove crayon and sticker residue from most surfaces.

13 Peppermint! How we love thee! Its uses are endless, but we love it to help keep energy up during the day. Simply take a whiff from the bottle or place a drop or two under your tongue.

14 Easiest perfume ever: apply StressAway onto your temples or pulse points. Done. You will love the warm, soothing vanilla-lime scent!

15 Winter wellness is easy by adding one drop of Thieves Vitality into a teaspoon of raw honey and stir into warm water. Sip and enjoy.

16 Uplift your workout by rubbing a few drops of R.C. onto your chest before exercising.

17 Copa-huh? Copaiba (co-pah-YEE-bah) essential oil has a warm, woodsy scent that will magnify the effect of any oil you pair it with. Helps promote comfort and wellbeing. Sounds magical to us!

18 Simple citrus. Children love citrus oils like Orange, Tangerine or Citrus Fresh. Try diffusing a few drops of one of these sunny oils in the playroom or during “cranky time” to help uplift spirits!

19 Valor is a must-have oil beyond the starter kit! Valor has been a favorite of Young Living members for years. We’d say it’s legendary. So many uses, but one of our favorite ways is to apply a drop or two onto the wrists, neck or into the palms. It’s great at bedtime or first thing in the AM. Calming, affirming, ahh!

20 If any of the above feels too hard, too DIY, too complicated, too “out there” for you, then try this for starters: Add one drop of Lemon to a glass of water. That’s it! It’ll freshen the taste and hopefully get you drinking more water. And taking one simple step is better than nothing.

Tomorrow you can try adding a drop of Lemon to an ounce of Ningxia Red. Self-care couldn’t be easier!

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